Lin Wood Whistleblower Interview: The Real Mike Pence, White House Mole

Part 2

Journalism in America is practically dead. The three best known truthful investigative reporters are, as of this moment, still alive.

Sharyl Attkisson, John Solomon, and Sara Carter are honest, but they are threatening to Barack Obama, Kamala Harris and Rod Rosenstein. Valerie Jarrett, the Clintons, and Eric Holder aren’t fond of them either.

When Attkisson, who left CBS News for their unethical practices, discovered “classified material” planted in her laptop, she had forensic auditors check it out.

The audit identified government intrusion into her computer system. The audit results, coupled with information from at least one tipster, prompted Attkisson to refile a lawsuit against the government, but this time Rosenstein and Shawn Henry (former FBI chief of DC field office) of Crowdstrike fame were named as co-conspirators.

Keep this in mind as you read the following excerpts of Lin Wood’s whistleblower.

This is Part 2 in our series of the whistleblower’s reveal showing how the Deep State was conducting electronic surveillance on political interests to compromise, or “own” them. Henry, as head of FBI contractor Crowdstrike, had access to the National Security Agency (NSA) database as outlined in the 2016 admissions by NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers

Pence Tries to Keep it Hidden

“Mike Pence, when he was in Congress he had been surveilled multiple times,” whistleblower Ryan Dark White said. “He is known to be bisexual but tries to keep it hidden. He puts forth a persona of über-Christian. When he was governor he was very strict on the gay and lesbian communities, things like this, to hide that. He was surveilled then. And it was well known the FBI and CIA do illegal surveillance of many members of — you know, politicians at all levels.”

“To get it, it’s all illegal. They want the
leverage. And it was well known…”

INTERVIEWER: “So he was just kinda caught up in a dragnet of just general surveillance of Congressional members?”

“Well, one, he is a politician. He’ll be around. He has influence. So, the FBI is all about getting influence. Now,
they’re dirty, so they control it. It’s not like they control it every day. They don’t tell them ‘Do this, this, this and this,’ it’s just when they need the big one they can call it in,” White explained. “And then when he became governor he felt more secure to pursue his longer-term relationships.”

Karen and Mike Pence

“Like I said, there’s one roughly 20 years his junior that was a longer-term one that he had had when he was in Congress, and then there’s one that was much more sporadic, but that gentleman’s about half his age. He’s the one that introduced the younger and younger people to him. But as governor he felt that he was much more secure, not as wide-open, and able to pursue it, and he went the other way with is politics and cracked down on gay and lesbian communities (inaudible) he would never have anything to do with that.”

“They would usually set up a location that was already wired up before he got there, so — or it was a known location or the location — like the younger gentleman was helping, and he helped set him up, so he would tell them where they were going to meet. That’s why he was — he was the one — the one that was about half his age was — I’ve seen the videos. I mean, I’ve seen a few from when he was in Congress, but I’ve seen these from when he was governor and made copies of them, and Shaun encrypted them, Shaun Bridges.”

Shaun Bridges

“So, he — that guy was actually working with the FBI to help set him up, so he would provide locations where they were going to meet and they’d be there ahead of time, so they had — these were probably the best surveillance tapes they had of him.
The other ones would be this or that, some better than others. This one, you got the whole group.”

“And when he actually got into talks about being vice president, running with President Trump, they shut it down because they had everything they needed to control the vice president. And it looks like they did.”

“So, you know. Then, of course, he was involved with the other stuff with Rod Rosenstein and Roberts to control — get President Trump out of there. Paul Ryan and Romney, those are the people mostly involved in it. They wanted to get President Trump removed in any way possible so that he would become president. He felt that he had been passed over, he was due, it was his perfect time.”

“And he had actually ran for president in the election and was quickly surpassed by President Trump, so he felt slighted and did not like President Trump for any reason, especially that one.”

INTERVIEWER: “So, was there an active plot between him — between Mike Pence and Rod Rosenstein and Ryan and Mitt Romney?”

“Uh-huh…They wanted to remove him any way possible,” White said. “They had worked with Roberts prior to this, prior to the actual election, and Roberts had actually helped them write up the FISA warrants with Pete Strock, and (inaudible) would write them up maybe and Roberts would send them off to be signed by whoever judge he controlled.”

“But — they had started this, but once he was selected, once Rod was appointed, the focus shifted to Rod
Rosenstein, and that was up to him, using that guidance of what they wanted to do, and he coordinated with all the deep state Democrats, whatever you wanna say, to take him down.”

“The Russian Collusion with Mueller and Comey, who were involved in it, they were the ones getting information back and forth from various governments. They were the ones handling the information from Ghost Stories. That continued.That was them. Now, Mueller ran Ghost Stories from way back.”

“So, they were all involved in it, and they were trying to remove President Trump in any way, shape or form. It was Rod who wanted to go after the
25th Amendment. And he has definitely worn a wire before. So it wasn’t a joke; it was a serious threat.· And they tried many, many times.”

INTERVIEWER: “Are you aware if President Trump was ever made aware of this during the administration as far as the underhand dealings that Pence is associated with?”

“I don’t know for sure,” White answered. “I had hoped — I made a tape in 2016 in Baltimore with this one group, and it was made expressly to get to Devin Nunes, but there was a member of this group who — he was just unprofessional — it was all about him.”

Devin Nunes

“When they saw what was on it, Devin Nunes was very impressed with it, as was Cash Patel, and they wanted the rest of it. He had only given them about a 20-minute sample of a three-and-a-half-hour tape. But he got in the middle of it. He wanted to control it. He wanted everybody to come to him for the source. And I was like ‘Just give it to them. You know, they need to know.'”

“This was right after Rod had been tapped for DAG but not accepted — he accepted it but he hadn’t taken the
office yet, and I’m trying to warn him about what he’s really like and he’s working with Pence, and it’s like ‘This is gonna be terrible.’ Then this guy got in the way and screwed it all up. So, by the time –“

INTERVIEWER: “This is Matt Couch?”

Matt Couch

“Yes. ‘Lumpy Loveseat,’ that’s him,” White said. “But, yeah. He — he messed it all up and he — he wanted to get in the middle, he wanted to be the hero, it was all about him and the donations. And he immediately turned on Mr. Brutowsky [phonetic] — he’s a very kind man — who wanted to really help.”

“They wanted everything immediately. He (Couch) wouldn’t do it. He’s negotiating with them for weeks and weeks, and then by the time they finally got a copy it was a blank copy. It was just bad all — yeah, he screwed it all. And once it finally got to them, they had moved on.”

“He really ruined it. And he ruined the warning. Cause I told him , I said, ‘Now, here’s me. It’s on the video. It’s me. I’ve got my background. It’s gonna (inaudible) me. I don’t care. Give it to them. He needs to know this. I thought it was very exciting, President Trump’s presence, and he messed it all up.”

INTERVIEWER: “Can you give me some more details on the — on the Hammer, Sunrise, Sunset and how the leak — that spy ring was working at that time?”

White answered,” Okay. These are software…You can tailor it to what you want. Hammer’s the big one. There’s Sunrise, and one that’s also military but narrowly focused.”

“Sunset is one — same thing but focused more on the surveillance side that they would use to exploit — I don’t know — phone records, computers, things like this. It was more of a civilian version of it.”

INTERVIEWER: “Is this Hammer the super computer as mentioned lately in the Hammer Scorecard with the
recent election?”

“Yes,” White replied. There were people involved in the — in vote manipulation. They had taken care of that as well. Because they were using it not just in the election. They used it in 2018. It was set up in 2016 when they lost a lot of their control over the satellite stuff, so they moved it overseas.”

“That’s Dr. Molly McCauley. That was her forte.That’s why she’s no longer with us. But as far as Hammer, it was running out of Fort Washington, but the satellite service was in Baltimore. And it was a CISSP computer. It was computer crimes, internet, things like that.”

“So, it’s the DOJ super computer. It’s
hooked into everything, and it was run through there. (Inaudible) individual pieces, you could drive out
and find an open port and go through the post office or porn sites or FedEx or whatever you wanted, and the V.A. was wide open in many spots, so that was one of the favorite ones that Shaun and other people used to go through and infiltrate and get access and then come back and do what they needed to do.”

“They went through the post office to place child porn on Ms. Acheson’s husband’s computer, and that was Shaun. So, they attempted to remove it later and didn’t get all of it, but — so, that was just how they operated. And this is normal, everyday — completely illegal but normal, everyday business for them.”

The Interviewer asked for more information about Mike Pence.

“Well, I mean, he — he was always a snake in the grass,” White offered. He was the mole. He never liked Trump and was only there to act like, you know, he’s (inaudible) him to get the position, and all have seen recently what he did with it and was preparing for that the whole time. (Inaudible).”

“In 2016 I tried to warn the president of what was going on, especially Rod-centric, what — you know, he was
working these people and what they had planned, but it didn’t get there, as we discussed.”

“But he’s a scumbag. I mean, he’s compromised. He’s been compromised. He knows it…With Pence specifically? A lot of stuff was given to Iran and China, a lot of software, the programs, things like this. A lot of tech was given to Iran, which immediately ended up in China’s hands and then
(inaudible) China.”

“In 2016 — actually, before that Molly — Molly had discovered the satellites were being used to manipulate elections, and it was used in 2016 — huge — just like we’ve seen recently. And then they lost control of that when President Trump won.”

“So, in 2018 a lot of that had already been transferred overseas — Iran, Italy, China. And then I wrote about that a couple years ago, about what they had done. So, they had already exposed all that. It had already gone over there.”

“So, they went kind of old-school in 2018 to take over the Congress, to get Nance (inaudible).They had recooked the books on as many as they needed, much lower key. This time they just went nuts with it in every fashion.”

Karen and Mike Pence

INTERVIEWER: “Okay. Now, Pence’s wife, how witting is she in all the pedophilia in all of this?”

“She covers it up for him,” White responded. “She’s completely a political animal. One of the reasons that the younger guy was sporadic is because she felt it was mire dangerous and was harder to control. It was — he’d pop up. It wasn’t something necessarily scheduled. I mean, he’d pop up and then it would be scheduled later, but it wasn’t something that was set. So, to her it was much riskier. But she was the manager for the — she’s the one who kept it quiet.”

INTERVIEWER: “Would she be aware of the pedophilia as well, with the young, young children?”


“Oh, sure,” White said. “I mean, it’s not like he hid this stuff from her, because she managed it…Oh, she knew all about that, and she knew about it for a long time.”

“And so is Roberts. I mean, Roberts is flat-out gay, at least he is now. He has been ever since he was a child. Which nothing wrong with being gay, but you’re high and manipulating stuff.”


“Well, I mean, the company he kept in Congress were all the same thing, they’re all under surveillance, they’re all dirty in one fashion or another. So many of them are dirty; it’s very disarming. And his wife manages the stuff, and he could do deals if something did come out. They could quash it, they could make a deal, they could — you know, if something was hinted at they could address it because he had political power, either there or governor or whatever.”

When asked if Pence maintained his sexual or pedophile relationships during his vice-presidency from 2017-2020, White answered:

“It was so — it was so important to keep him buried, you know, ‘run silent, run deep.’ That’s how they described it. They wouldn’t save him.
He did provide info. He actually let stuff leak.”

“He let stuff leak from certain conversations the president had with a staffer, so (inaudible) the staffer be blamed because it was somebody that Mike didn’t care for, and it got out. The president blamed them because of the prior conversation, but it wasn’t actually them — not in all cases, but some.”

“At that point I don’t know if he had any other relationships or maintained the same ones because I just didn’t have the access anymore to it so I can’t say, but it was mostly important to them to keep it quiet or keep him under control, ’cause that was an ace in the hole they needed.”

To be continued.

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  1. And these are the “Good Guys”?
    The information in these interviews, if true, leads one to think, if the control of our government is so compromised, so dark, then the options for changing things are very limited: Concerted prayer by all people of good will or something so terrible no one having any love for this country would wish for it. Let us hope that the former option is used successfully. In all seriousness, we must pray because only Dark Forces would do what is being done to this country.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I read the whole transcript. It mad me mad, then sad (to cry sad) for all of us gullible regular type citizens. Then it sickened me so bad I didn’t have an appetite for days. I don’t have a clue as to what safe guards should be put in place after all the dust settles, but we gotta get it together folks, for the future of our nation.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Everyone should make sure any and all you know read it. The most patriotic thing you can do, right now. So people will snap out of their trance.

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  3. This is very interesting….It really makes me mad and yet look at all the great things President Trump was still able to accomplish ! This is like stuff out of a movie..!

    Liked by 2 people

      • Trump survived because millions of Christians around the world were on their knees praying for him & speaking protection over him. God is not blind to this evil, and he is not surprised when wicked people do wicked things. But this shows just how much we need to pray for those in congress who are honest&truthful – pray for their safety and for them, and all of us, to remember that God is SO MUCH BIGGER than all of this. These people of power are just puppets of the devil – they have no power outside of Satan’s evil. But Satan was defeated once for all when Jesus died on the cross. Let’s lean into him and commit to staying there.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. “Interesting” is not even close!!! It is disgusting; there are no words to describe the evil perpetrated against our country, the President and ‘We the People” — the traitors, the fraud, the sex networks of high ranking people in Washington and Hollywood, the pedophilia, the corruption, lies and deceit, and wives “managing” their husbands deviant sexual laisse’s — WHAT is wrong with these people? And, no loyalty to President Trump by Pence and Roberts!!!??? They both are TRAITORS and should be shot! This is not the first time I’ve heard these depraved, deceitful, self serving, arrogant, lying, twisted behaviors that were perpetrated against President Donald J. Trump, our President, and against us “We The People”, and our children! It dishonors us all including our forefathers who sacrificed so much for us and our once great nation. We must pull our selves up out of the pit, WAKE UP and get tough! We cannot allow these evil, slithering, spineless people to take our country. We must raise our voices and speak up about these truths to our families, our friends, our Representatives in our states and DC! We must speak up on any platform available — against all we see that is corrupt and un-American and unChristian. I just don’t think there are enough good people left in Washington DC that we can have our capital there. (Like when GOD was discussing with Abraham if there were 40, then 30, then 20 then 10 righteous people left in Sodom and Gomorrah…) We must get mad and take back our country with our voices — and our VOTES. We’ve got to KICK OUT ALL THE RINOS and COMMUNIST who parade as Republicans and Democrats. We must insure our children are protected from the sexual deviants under every rock. We must PROTECT our children from being taught the lies at school of socialism and multi-genderism. We must keep close tabs on who is in their lives and teach them to not be as gullible as we have been! We have allowed so many lies to go unchallenged from every journalist, media source, Hollywood big-mouth, every government and judicial official speaking with forked tongue, and believed the professors had integrity who were teaching in our colleges and universities. Instead, they were brainwashing our future generations into socialism and multi-genderism. There needs to be a TOTAL CLEANSING of our country. The foundation our forefathers laid of our Constitution is still good, but most everything else we need to question and scrutinize. Goodness, I sound like a ranting, crazy person — I’m now AWAKE AND ready to battle!

    Liked by 2 people

    • You don’t sound like a ranting, crazy person at all. You are a PATRIOT.
      Each day we do our best to get the Truth out to combat the lies, deceptions and evil. We always appreciate comments like you’re and thank you for sharing…and your readership.


  5. For some reason I always suspected Pence was a deep statism supporter. Now I’m sure of it after reading your blog Jack. Thanks!
    I just noticed how the Heritage Organization has taken Pence in as a fellow. I stopped all my support of Heritage immediately. What a shame…

    Liked by 1 person

  6. As far as Pence is concerned it is very easy for me to believe, there are many seemingly squeaky clean married, church going family males who are hiding their broken sexuality and acting out having sex with other males on “the down low”, most are acting out due to a skewed sexuality due to prior sexual abuse as a child. For someone like Pence who craves the spotlight, power & control, his secret sexuality is an easy key to controlling him.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. What bothers me is many still do not know about the demonic , child raping, murdering Mike Pence. It was common knowledge in DC Pence was a raging Pedophile murdering lil children in the Darpa labs & other Pedo hangouts within our evil govt. Pence was BFF with the Clintons, Romneys, McCains all of whom also deeply involved in PedoRings thru the Clinton Foundation, McCain Institute out of Tuscon the main corridor for the Pedo Rings. Karen Pence knew about it and did nothing so she is just as guilty. A man named Tory Smith exposed Pence back in 2015 & beginning of 2016 for his raging Pedophilia & that he was really a homosexual from his early teen years but knew politically he would not win if he didnt pretend to be straight. As Gov of Indianna the state became quicly the top 5 largest Child Sex Trafficking, human trafficking Havens for PeoRings. MAY ALL OF THIS FILTH ROT IN HELL FOR WHAT THEY HAVE DONE TO CHILDREN. It disgusts me to no end to see these blind sheep posting he was a Christian. It is not for me to judge, that is God’s job, however the bible is clear on those who hurt children. Time for America to Wake up to the hard truths & that would also include Trump who is not a Christian but a Sephardic Askenazi Jew working for Israel. I voted for him in 2016 so happy evil Obama left our WH, not realizing the Fairytale of the outsider blah blah blah was also not the answer & obviously the wicked, demonic child murdering Hillary definitely was not the answer. We The People have not been given honest choices to save USA.

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