Maricopa, AZ Verified With Evidence: Trump 59.4%, Biden 41.17%

Corporate media can not lie themselves out of this one.

Jovan Hutton Pulitzer’s Arizona Audit team has revealed the exact algorithm that was used to change the 2020 election. They tested it 500,000 times without any error so they are 100 percent certain it is correct.

The true outcome of the Maricopa county 2020 Presidential election is:
President Trump – 59.47%
Joe Biden- 41.173%

They also determined that the manipulation effected all the county’s and state races, not just the Presidential election.

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29 thoughts on “Maricopa, AZ Verified With Evidence: Trump 59.4%, Biden 41.17%

  1. I think everyone who voted more than once needs to be rounded up and arrested. Anyone who helped forge ballots also needs to be behind bars. That will put an end to that part of the cheating. Computer tampering also needs to be investigated.

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  2. Wonder if the algorithm can be effectively applied to previous elections with the same results? How long have they been using the same one? And we it be used again during the midterms? Or will they have to write a new one? How long would it take and could it be easily modified on the machines? Trap time. People are much more apt to believe you if you are able to provide the accurate outcome to be claimed prior to the event occurring. At that point, they would have to prove it wasn’t rigged, not the other way around.

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  3. The issue is that this is a global push (Build Back Better) with local assistance. The govt, as in the Justice Department and the FBI, (short list), are aiding and abetting the globalist agenda (in my Humble Opinion). Egregiousness is the Hallmark here. Many states, many inconsistencies, and the only thing the Justice Department threatened to investigate is the Audits, not the elections.

    My career, represented by the Union, saw election after election (for the U.S. President, Senators, Representatives, etc.) met with jokes by my coworkers, to “Vote Early and Vote Often”. I have no evidence that anyone did that, but a few points with the Local Union Elections may be edifying.

    In a plant of approximately 1200 Union People, at the time, in order to Vote, each person had to show their Employer Photo ID Badge. Remember, these are democrats, vehemently opposed to Voter ID Laws, Requiring Photo ID to vote for Local Union Representatives.

    There were multiple Election Guards, representing both sides of the potential election outcome, circulating on the Floor and Watching that everything done was “above board”.

    We voted on the Mechanical Machines that used to be used in Federal and State Elections in Pennsylvania, now replaced for State and Local Elections by ludicrous “Vote by Filling Out a Form” and subject to “The Reader” correctly interpreting the results. The Mechanical Machines once used in Federal and State Elections and now rented by the Local Union for their Elections were scrupulously inspected Pre-Elections, and Post Election the Results are carefully analyzed. In one election, a Discrepancy of 1 Vote existed, and they almost held the election over, despite the person with the additional 1 vote (from many hundreds of votes) being ahead in the election by a clear and overwhelming margin.

    The people conducting these elections, the Union Officers, are hard-line democrats. Clearly despite their opposition to Photo ID and Scrupulous Monitoring of Federal Elections, they are doing it for their own local elections, where they use the very same security measures that Republicans feel would be appropriate for Federal Elections.

    If we can’t trust them with the Elections, we can’t trust them with Vaccinations. And I suspect that Canada, Germany, France, and More also have rigged elections.

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      1. At a minimum, in Local Union Elections, it’s hypocrisy. Each person has a Union File Card, it shows if you voted, not who you voted for. I guess the premise with the photo ID card was to keep people from voting for others that did not vote, maybe on vacation, off on sick leave, etc., come to think of it, I’m not aware of a Mail in Vote Option. How ironic.

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      2. Definitely a criminal offense and hypocrisy because they make El Capone and Whitey Bulger look like alter boys These putrid human beings respect nothing and it’s Amazing to me that I haven’t seen more about buildback better because when you write B in lowercase it is a 6 andthen with that I do believe we are on the precipice of the Obama nation that makes desolatewritten about by John of Patmos with direct inspiration from the Christ. Oh also the Greek symbol for Delta is a triangle The Greek symbol for Omocrine is a circle with a dot in the middle and you bring those two together We have the completed pyramid on the back of the $1 bill Hold on to your butt’s folks It’s about to get bloody because all these people respect Is eternity!

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  4. Excellent reporting Jack. I’ve seen none of this elsewhere, and why is that? MSM and the press are still covering for the Dems and the fraud. I’ve said this before, to the point of nagging, conservative’s and Christians in the country cannot trust the Republicans anymore than the Democrats. Our government is corrupt. Keep up the good work.

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  5. Why don’t you do what we do her in the UK?? Use single pencil cross on paper polling sheet allocated to our home address and issued upon producing our official invitation letter for personal voting ??? (The sealed boxes go for witnessed official counting by non-partisans, where everyone stays together until the count is completed)
    OR is that far too simple for Americans??
    Electronic voting MUST have been introduced because it’s wide open for fraud.

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  6. “Jovan Hutton Pulitzer’s Arizona Audit team has revealed”
    Okay, where can I find this information?
    “the exact algorithm that was used to change the 2020 election.”
    How? The machine count and the audit didn’t change anything.
    What are they doing that gave them a different percentage???????


  7. What’s the point in voting if it’s rigged by the democrats? Why don’t our republican politicians get off their fatty acids and do something instead of complaining and constantly pointing the finger? If they had a backbone, maybe something would get done but I don’t see it happening.

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