Elvis Presley, The Rockin’ Motorcycle King in Photos

Over 60 Photos & Art of the All-American King of Rock Music & Motorcycles

In the Spring of 1976 I was able to meet and quickly interview Elvis Presley at the Graceland guardhouse.

It didn’t hurt that I was also President of the Texas Chapter of the Elvis Presley Graceland Fan Club, but his cousin Harold Loyd (also a Graceland security guard) was very helpful.

On the night I interviewed him, he was excited about his new motorcycle. Linda Thompson was on the back. Another cousin, Billy Smith, had taken off on his cycle and Elvis stopped to ask Harold if he had seen him. Here is a photo I took when they returned back at daylight.

Elvis ’76. (©Jack Dennis)

Here are more photos and art of Elvis through the years on motorcycles.

Elvis returns to Humes High School (LIFE)
Elvis bought his Memphis Mafia pals bikes.
With Barbara Stanwyk in Roustabout.
With Billy Smith, front gates.
What is that attached to his lower back? What’s in the can?
With Billy Smith at front gates.
Approaching front gates.

Elvis Art

His Motorcycles Today

The Harley he had the night I interviewed Elvis.
Elvis’ last bike.


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